Udemy – T-Shirt Design for Beginners Using Canva Pro

T-Shirt Design for Beginners Using Canva Pro

Learn How to Design 14 Teeshirts using Canva Pro and how to upload your designs to Teespring, Threadless and Redbubble.

What you’ll learn

  • Learn To Design 14 Different Teeshirts and how to upload their designs to Teespring, Threadless and Redbubble


  • Canva Pro


Do you want to learn about how to design Print on Demand teeshirts using Canva Pro and become more advanced with your design skills? If so  T-Shirt Design for Beginners: Start Designing Today is  just for you! You can expect an easy to learn course where you will be able to design 14 shirts, apply design theories and learn how to upload them to tee spring, treadless and redbubble! 

I’ve been a graphic designer for years and Just like you I started at the beginning. I went through college and learned graphic design, but I found one problem. A lot of the information that is taught is based on a style of teaching that is dated. In order to give you the best learning experience I have created a course that is updated to date and one that answers all of the question and problems that I ran into.

In Designing Teeshirts Using Canva Pro

  • How To Understand Canva Pro’s features
  • Apply and Understand Design Theories
  • Create Image Based Tees, Typography Based Tees, Image and Typography Based Tees and Event Based Tees!!
  • Learn how to upload to Teespring, Threadless and Redbubble

I am here to easily explain, demonstrate and implement design theory for a fast and easy learning experience. In this course I am going to explain graphic design and show you how you can implement them using Canva Pro. Whether you are new to design or more advance this course is design so that everyone can follow along and learn something new.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone!!!! No Prior Knowledge Needed!!!

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