Udemy – No Code Website Development with Artificial Intelligence

What you’ll learn

  • Creating and customizing websites and web pages without coding using Hocoos
  • Enhancing websites with AI-driven personalization.
  • Integrating media elements and interactive components on website
  • Creating a blog
  • Creating FAQ, testimonial and subscription forms
  • Creating an email list of subscribers
  • Getting a custom domain and good practices in selecting a domain
  • Using Artificial Intelligence to write website content
  • Applying UI/UX design principles for effective visuals and navigation.
  • Designing responsive and accessible interfaces
  • Developing AI-enhanced websites and showcasing them
  • Tips and Tricks to design incredible websites
  • Connecting external elements to website
  • Best practices for designing websites in terms of colour and font and layout to attract more users
  • Making websites easy to navigate
  • Hocoos for website development


  • Basic Computer Literacy
  • A windows or Mac computer
  • Internet connection

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