Udemy – Microsoft Power BI – Beginner to Pro

What you’ll learn

  • Mastering Power BI Fundamentals: Develop a solid understanding of Power BI’s components, functionalities, and how to install Power BI Desktop.
  • Data Transformation Proficiency: Learn to efficiently connect, cleanse, and transform diverse data sources using Power Query Editor.
  • Advanced Data Modeling Techniques: Grasp the essentials of data modeling and become adept at utilizing Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) for complex calculations.
  • Creating Dynamic Visualizations: Develop the skills to craft captivating data visualizations, using DAX to create interactive, informative reports.
  • In-depth Dashboard Design: Gain expertise in designing, sharing, and collaborating on interactive dashboards to effectively communicate insights.
  • Real-world Application: Apply your skills to real-life datasets, creating practical solutions that identify patterns, trends, and business opportunities.
  • Capstone Project: Bring all your acquired skills together in a comprehensive capstone project, demonstrating your ability to create an end-to-end solution.
  • Certification and Job Readiness: Prepare for the PL-300 Microsoft Power BI certification exam, and learn interview strategies to excel in the job market.


  • Power BI Desktop: Make sure you have Microsoft Power BI Desktop installed on your computer. You’ll use this tool to create insightful visualizations and analyze data.
  • Internet Connection: A reliable internet connection is necessary for accessing course content, including video lectures, quizzes, and practice assignments.
  • Basic Computer Skills: A fundamental understanding of using a computer, navigating software interfaces, and managing files will be beneficial.
  • Curiosity and Enthusiasm: Bring your eagerness to learn and explore the world of data analytics with Power BI. Curiosity will drive your success in this course.
  • Microsoft Account: You can use it to login to Power BI service. Also, having a Microsoft account can enhance your experience by allowing you to explore additional resources and connect with a broader community.

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