Udemy – Mastering Postman: A Comprehensive API Testing Course

What you’ll learn

  • Understand Postman, install it, and navigate the user interface.
  • Create various API requests (GET, POST, PUT, PATCH, DELETE) in Postman.
  • Create and manage collections for efficient API testing.
  • Utilize variables, scripting, and environments in Postman.
  • Master scripting for pre-request and test scripts, and debug effectively.
  • Perform data-driven testing using Postman.
  • Add authorization to API requests, understand authentication methods, and manage credentials securely.


  • No Prior Postman Experience Required
  • A positive attitude, eagerness to learn, and a commitment to practicing the skills
  • No testing knowledge required
  • No software development knowledge required


Unlock the power of API testing with “Mastering Postman,” your comprehensive guide to becoming a proficient API tester. In today’s digital landscape, APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) are the backbone of modern applications, making the ability to test them effectively a critical skill for developers, testers, and quality assurance professionals.

This hands-on course takes you on a journey from Postman novice to API testing expert. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or just starting in the field, you’ll gain the knowledge and practical skills needed to excel in API testing.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Introduction to Postman: Get acquainted with Postman, install it, and become comfortable with its user-friendly interface.
  • Making API Requests: Learn to create various API requests, including GET, POST, PUT, PATCH, and DELETE, to interact with APIs.
  • Working with Collections: Streamline your workflow by creating and organizing collections of API requests.
  • Variables and Environment: Harness the power of variables, scripting, and environments in Postman for dynamic testing scenarios.
  • Scripting in Postman: Master scripting techniques for pre-request and test scripts, and gain the ability to debug effectively.
  • Advanced Testing Techniques: Perform data-driven testing to validate API behavior with different inputs and scenarios.
  • API Authentication and Authorization: Securely add authorization to your API requests and understand various authentication methods.

Who this course is for:

  • Software Developers looking to enhance their API testing skills.
  • Quality Assurance (QA) Engineers interested in mastering API testing techniques.
  • Web Developers seeking to validate and debug APIs effectively.
  • Testing Professionals aiming to improve their proficiency with Postman.
  • IT Professionals and System Administrators exploring API testing for system integrations.
  • Students and Tech Enthusiasts eager to learn about API testing and Postman.
  • Professionals transitioning into software development or quality assurance roles.
  • Anyone interested in mastering API testing and enhancing their career prospects.

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